Create agreements that work for your entire family.

Divorce mediation is a cooperative process in which a skilled mediator facilitates respectful, productive dialogue between you and your spouse in order to create mutually agreeable solutions.

What to Expect from Divorce Mediation

  • Negotiate terms of divorce in face-to-face meetings with mediator and spouse
  • Retain lawyer for independent legal advice and to draft legal documents after mediation
  • More control over timing and decisions with less expense than traditional divorce
  • Support and guidance to create optimal solutions
  • Equal opportunity to express your needs and concerns
  • An opportunity to find strength and optimism in the face of a difficult situation
  • Communicate clearly and with an open mind (See Is mediation appropriate if my spouse and I have a lot of conflict?)

Topics in Divorce Mediation

  • Parenting plans to help children of divorce
  • Child support
  • Division of property
  • Spousal support
  • Changes in parenting or residence after divorce
  • Financial support for post-secondary education

My role as Mediator

I am both a lawyer and a mediator, so I am able to offer you the benefit of both perspectives. As a lawyer I will explain divorce law in Canada and provide legal information about the process of getting a divorce. In the role of mediator, however, I will not advocate for or provide legal advice to you or your spouse. My goal is to facilitate constructive dialogue that results in practical solutions unique to your circumstances. Other professionals, such as divorce coaches, child experts, or financial specialists, may be brought in as needed and agreed upon by both spouses.