What to Expect from Elder Mediation

  • A cooperative, compassionate process
  • Respect of elder’s wishes and dignity
  • Everyone has equal opportunity to share thoughts and concerns
  • Skillful resolution of emotionally challenging issues
  • A safe place for siblings and family members to express differing opinions and desires
  • An opportunity to learn about legal, medical, financial, and other options from outside professionals, as needed

Topics in Elder Mediation

  • Housing and living arrangements
  • Safety and quality of life
  • Decision making
  • Health care and medical decisions
  • Finances
  • Estate planning
  • End-of-life decisions

My Role as Mediator

Even with the best intentions, children and other family members may not know how to best care for an aging loved one. They often feel confused, overwhelmed, and saddened by the process, which can lead to rifts within the family. My role is to facilitate dialogue that brings families together to make compassionate, respectful decisions regarding the elder’s physical and financial well-being. My goal is to create a calm, supportive environment in which each voice is heard.

How Elder Mediation Works

At our first meeting, we review the main issues needing resolution and create an agenda for the mediation. If any caregivers or medical professionals need to be included, they are invited to join the mediation process at the appropriate time. We continue to meet until mutually agreeable decisions have been made on all areas of concern laid out in the first meeting.