Divorce Lawyer or Family Law Lawyer?

I attended a networking lunch last week and was asked if a Divorce Lawyer is the same as a Family Law Lawyer. It had not occurred to me that there might be confusion around those terms. My answer to that question was “generally, yes”. Most lawyers that specialize in divorce would refer to themselves as a family law lawyer. I personally don’t like referring to myself as a “divorce” lawyer as that places the focus of the word “divorce” and the often negative connotations associated with that. I use the term “family law” because I feel that is a better descriptive of what I do. I help families that are going through separation and divorce. The divorce itself is not the focus but rather making sure that the family moves through the transition in a way that maintains as much as possible the stability and predictability that children need. In the collaborative and mediation processes the actual divorce is the last step. If you or someone you know is contemplating separation or divorce, send me an email and together we can find out what process is the right fit for you and your family